Center Partner Melissa Joy pulls a 3-peat as All-Star Manager

 For the 3rd consecutive year, Partner and Director of Investments Melissa Joy, CFP® has been named to Financial Advisor Magazine’s All-Star Research Managers team.  She was featured in an article, “Uncommon Talents” by Karen Demasters as someone who is not just interested in numbers, but increasingly interested in behavioral finance. Melissa told the magazine that dramatic ups and downs in the market have hurt investors who don’t stick to a plan.

The roller coaster of the last decade has unfortunately provided plenty of examples where emotion trumped discipline,” Melissa told Demasters.  “I’ve seen advisors lose real money for investors who let fear shake them out of the market at the wrong time.  Others have become obsessed with outlandish scenarios for market Armageddon and put their money into doomsday investments that haven’t paid off.”

Melissa works on a team that includes Angela Palacios, CFP®, a portfolio manager and analyst Jaclyn Jackson. Of the 3-peat nod, Center partner Dan Boyce said, "It's an extraordinary honor for Melissa to be selected 3 times in a row as a “Research All-Star” among the thousands who work in our industry -- including major institutional research departments -- whose job it is to identify the best investment portfolios and specific investments for their firms.  The award is a testament to her diligence, her rigorous attention to detail and process, her nuanced analytical skills, and the important industry relationships she has carefully nurtured over the years.  The recognition is richly deserved."

Melissa, along with the rest of the All-Star team, was recognized at the Fiduciary Gatekeeper Summit in Boston October 24-25.

Financial Advisor magazine recently asked its Financial Advisor readers to nominate the research managers they think are doing the best job.  Selection for 2013 All-Star Research Managers team was based on those nominations.