Melissa Joy takes on a new and demanding client


You won’t see our Director of Investments, Melissa Joy, around the office for the next couple months. That’s because Melissa’s calendar is being monopolized by a very needy, new client. We’re talking the kind of client that needs round-the-clock attention. In fact, this one wants demands met in the middle of the night! But despite her “it’s all about me” attitude, she is a welcome addition to our Center family. Her name is Josephine Pearl Joy but she goes by Josie.

The Joy family welcomed Josie into the world Tuesday June 18th. She weighed in at 6 pounds, 8 ounces and measured 19 ¼ inches. Her crowning glory is a thick mass of black hair, which she definitely gets from her mama, and a sweet smile, which comes right from her dad Jeff. Melissa describes her as a “chill baby”, a phrase that would not be pinned on Josie’s 4-year old brother Gus these days. Big brother Gus is thrilled (most of the time) to have Josie around and, in fact, declared recently that, “She’s my sister, she’s here forever, and nobody can take her away.” While that’s very true, she is taking her mom away from us for the summer. Melissa, you’ll be missed around the office, but we know you have your hands full!