Webinar in Review: Defining Your Personal Giving

Contributed by: Melissa Joy, CFP® Melissa Joy

On Wednesday, August 17, I hosted a webinar with guests Dan Boyce, CFP®, and Christie Peck. Dan and Christie each shared their personal journey related to philanthropic giving. Their insights were elevated by their professional experiences relating to charity – Dan as a financial planner advising clients on their philanthropic decisions and Christie as a development officer and consultant for major non-profits.

Here are three great ideas from the conversation:

  1. Have a values conversation with yourself and the other interested parties that help you to make your giving decisions. Christie described a retreat where she got together with her sibling to define the areas of giving for their family foundation, The Peck Foundation. Dan shared how he and his wife Sue went from making smaller gifts to many organizations to focusing their giving on three areas: faith community, education, and arts and culture, especially music. As you try to get started with your own values conversation, consider using our document “Crafting Your Philanthropic Values Statement” to frame the conversation.

  2. Embrace the gift that giving can be for you. Dan pointed to a quote from Eckhart Tolle that has helped to guide him: “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Dan shared that his work with charities through financial gifts as well as volunteering and leadership has done extraordinary things for him and his family. This includes becoming involved on the board of Prescott College. Dan and Sue eventually relocated to Prescott, Arizona through their journey with the organization.

  3. “Joy is a metric.” Christie shared this wonderful quote which she and her family use to evaluate outcomes. They make grants to non-profits that have specific desired outcomes, but they also recognize that their work is about developing relationships with organizations that are serving the areas that they’ve defined as most important for their foundation. They’ve been given the opportunity to work on fantastic projects, and this has enhanced their relationship as a family and memories that they share with each other.

There is much more packed into this 50-minute conversation including an introduction to Christie’s “Get Acquainted Grants,” Dan’s preview of the differences in giving vehicles, a discussion of introducing philanthropy to your family’s next generation, and insightful personal experiences that Dan and Christie share about their own giving experiences. Fortunately, if you missed it the first time around, we have a recording available.

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