HAVEN Donation Collection
to Jul 31

HAVEN Donation Collection

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We will be collecting donations for HAVEN in our office throughout the upcoming months of June and July. As Oakland County’s only comprehensive program for the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, HAVEN provides shelter, counseling, advocacy, and educational programming to nearly 30,000 people each year. All donations will go to the Oakland County Shelter and be used to provide support and prevention to the local community.

Donation drive to supply the Oakland County Emergency Shelter and START (Safe Therapeutic Assault Response Team) Program. New, unused items only please.

Biggest Need Items for the Shelter:

  • Full size sheet sets

  • Pots and pans

  • Silverware

  • Reusable Plastic Cups

  • Bath towels

  • Toilet paper and paper towel

  • Boxed cereal

  • Individually-packaged, bulk-size snacks such as Goldfish crackers, chips, granola bars and fruit bars

Need items for the Safe Therapeutic Assault Response Team (START) program at HAVEN:

  • White twin-size flat sheets (6 needed)

  • Laundry detergent and bleach

  • Toilet paper, tissue, paper towel

  • Small and medium underware

  • Small, Medium and large sweatshirts and sweatpants

  • Keurif coffee and tea k-cups

  • Bottled water, cans of diet and regular sodas

  • Individually wrapped candies, sweet and salty snacks

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Tax-Efficient Charitable Planning Strategies to Consider
1:00 PM13:00

Tax-Efficient Charitable Planning Strategies to Consider

  • Society of Active Retirees (SOAR) c/o Adat Shalom Synagogue (map)
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Are you making your charitable contributions in the most tax-efficient manner? With nearly *90% of Americans now taking the standard deduction on their taxes due to recent tax law change, it’s become even more important to be intentional with how you actually facilitate the donations you make each year. During our discussion, we’ll discuss various strategies to consider so you can potentially pay less in tax and more to the organizations you’re most passionate about.

*Source: https://taxfoundation.org/90-percent-taxpayers-projected-tcja-expanded-standard-deduction/

Raymond James does not provide tax or legal services. Please discuss these matters with the appropriate professional. Raymond James is not affiliated with and does not endorse SOAR.

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WEBINAR: Bridging the Gender Gap Through Financial Planning
1:00 PM13:00

WEBINAR: Bridging the Gender Gap Through Financial Planning

Women are gaining numbers in the workforce and are the primary breadwinner in over 40% of American households yet they still lag behind their male counterparts in financial preparedness for retirement.* Learn about the unique obstacles women face and discover tools to overcome them in this eye-opening webinar designed to help bridge the financial gender gap.


Kali Hassinger, CFP®, CDFA®
Jacki Roessler, CDFA®, Branch Professional


May 22, 2019
1:00pm - 1:45pm


*Cited from 2012 US Consensus

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