Improving lives through financial planning done right.

At The Center, our company values are more than words; they serve as guides in our every day actions. Everything that we do is about our clients and our team with values leading the way. As you read the below list, we invite you to think about how important these values are to you when working with a financial planning team.


Commitment to the Financial Planning Process: Advice, tactics and strategies change over the years, but helping people with their lives’ most important financial goals remains the same.

Education & Personal Growth: Degrees, credentials and certifications only mark the beginning of our growth in personal and professional knowledge. Intellectual curiosity keeps us moving forward.

Nice & Kind: Every team member acts with compassion, empathy, and respect for our clients and colleagues, while taking effective action.

Teamwork & Collaboration: We before me means whatever we accomplish, we achieve by working together and through our commitment to the team.

Energy & Enthusiasm: Every day, we honor the responsibility to bring our best and most passionate selves to The Center to benefit our clients and teammates.

Real & Down to Earth: What you see is what you get with The Center: honesty, integrity, and a genuine down-to-earthness.

So, Why The Center?

A brilliant question with an easy answer – because we do what we say and we love what we do. We would love to tell you all of the great differences that separate us, but that would be a bit biased and unless you’ve experienced the difference yourself you may tend to gloss right over our words.

Instead, below are some points about The Center that lend a more factual explanation of Why The Center? With these facts, all of the many intangibles are spoken. After all, without commitment, education, kindness, teamwork, energy, and authenticity, it’s not that easy to sustain and thrive for nearly three and a half decades.


We invite you to experience the heartfelt and personable nature of The Center by giving us a call, 248.948.7900, or sending us an email,!