The Center’s Melissa Joy Becomes a Partner – January 2012

Melissa Joy was recently promoted to Partner at The Center.  This is a significant event for the Center and an important step toward the firm’s continued success.  She joins partners Daniel Boyce, Matthew Chope, Marilyn Gunther and Timothy Wyman as an integral part of the management team.

Founding Partner Dan Boyce was enthusiastic about extending the partnership offer to Melissa. “She has earned the right to a strong voice in the future direction of the firm,” Dan said.  “Her capable leadership, her ability to successfully manage multiple priorities to move the work for The Center forward, her keen insight, and the respect she has earned from clients and colleagues all point to this well-deserved recognition in becoming a Partner.”

Melissa joined The Center in 1999 and has worked to develop our discretionary investment management program that now manages $450 million of firm assets. She also serves as Director of Investments and Client Services.