Center Partner Melissa Joy Tapped for All-Star Team

Melissa received national recognition last month as one of eight people picked by Financial Advisor and Private Wealth magazines for the Inaugural Research Manager All-Star Team. She was featured in an article titled "Making the Cut" in the January 2012 issue of Financial Advisor Magazine.

"Melissa Joy doesn't take things at face value, especially when it comes to investing," the article said. "As a partner at the Center for Financial Planning...she digs beneath the surface of the investments her firm offers to get a good look at what's really under the hood."

As Director of Investments, Melissa has been able to do something she's always enjoyed. "I've loved research since my geeky days in high school debate. I am so fortunate to have found a profession where I can hone those research skills. I get to kick the tires of different investment options and discuss investing with numerous money managers on behalf of our firm and clients. Recognition like this was unexpected and is truly icing on the cake!"

Award was based on job function of the person evaluated, fund selections and evaluation process used, study of rejected fund examples, and evaluation of challenges faced in the job and actions taken to overcome those challenges. Evaluations were independently conducted by Financial Advisor Magazine.