Melissa Joy Gives her Perspective on Tax Strategies

 Don’t wait until November or December to start thinking of the best tax strategies for your investments warns Steve Nicastro for He offers 3 Tax-Sensitive Investment Strategies to Implement Now and includes The Center’s Melissa Joy’s strategy on asset location. 

Sometimes tax-deferred investments aren’t an option. If you need to generate living expense income, you might want to use income from a taxable brokerage account. In that case, Melissa says focusing on buying municipal bonds can be a good strategy. Municipal bonds are usually federally tax-exempt* and are also exempt from many local and state taxes.  

You can get exposure to bonds without a big tax hit by putting municipal bonds in your taxable account,” Melissa explains to

Other tax-sensitive strategies include increasing contributions to tax advantaged retirement accounts and selling a losing investment to offset the gains from your winners. To read more from, click here.

*May be subject to state, local, and alternative minimum tax.

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