Center Sponsored Education Event A Resounding Success for Seniors!!

Center for Financial Planning recently conducted 3 educational session aimed at helping our senior clients and friends navigate the many Medicare health insurance and prescription drug plans available today. Center planner, Sandy Adams, led a morning, afternoon, and evening session attended by over 100 curious and confused Medicare participants. Our guest speaker, Nat Towle, provide an hour of very informative and timely material that helped to reinforce or influence the health insurance decisions made by Medicare participants each and every year.

As Healthcare, and thus Medicare, costs continue to rise, studies estimate that a retired couple aged 65 will need over $240,000 to cover healthcare costs during their lifetimes. Thousands of seniors overpay for prescription drug plans, with millions overspent in Michigan alone.

It may be difficult to find a silver lining amongst all this news but thankfully some uplifting stories have emerged from all our efforts. Sandy Adams shares a recent client success story resulting from the workshop, "My client “Ann” called recently. Ann had attended one of the three Medicare sessions and had just finished a one-one-consultation with our presenter Nat Towle. Through tears of joy, Ann was calling to let us know that this was “the best thing you’ve ever done!” Nat helped Ann to analyze her Medicare choices and save over $200 a month in Medicare prescription costs. This is life-changing for Ann!"

We sometimes take for granted the impact these savings may have on our lives. Whether or not cost savings are available for all, one thing is for certain, plans are changing or are being eliminated on an ongoing basis. It is more important than ever to take advantage of the annual Medicare open enrollment period, which ends December 31st for 2010. For more information, visit to review the many options available to you.

Don’t let the Medicare system frustrate you. If you feel that you, or someone you know, could benefit from the Center’s knowledge and resources in this area, please call or email Sandy Adams for additional information or to arrange an individual consultation with presenter Nat Towle.