South Oakland Lunch Program – Another Rewarding Experience!

In support of the South Oakland Community Lunch Program, now in its 17th year, The Center volunteered to prepare and serve a warm meal for 60 to 80 eager patrons.  The Center team has served this Saturday free lunch program in downtown Royal Oak at least annually for over 10 years.

The following day Tim Wyman sent all concerned an informal but hearfelt message that helped sum up the experience:


“Nice job with the South Oakland Community Lunch Program once again! The cookers prepared a great meal….and the servers….well they were spectacular. Amanda is to be congratulated on her goulash serving skills – well done! Thanks to Jen for coordinating the effort – everything was in order and really helped for a successful event. I trust that everyone involved felt a great sense of satisfaction (not the word I am looking for – but hopefully you know what I mean). For many of Saturday’s guests it was truly a treat – and a good reminder as to how lucky we all are. For me personally, having my boys with me was so much more meaningful than just telling them how fortunate we are and that they should give back. Thanks to The Center for providing the opportunity.”

Please visit the Saturday Community Lunch Program Facebook Page to learn more about the program and volunteer opportunities.