Laurie Renchik Embarks on Leadership Oakland Cornerstone Program

Since 1990, the Leadership Oakland Cornerstone Program has brought together over 900 leaders from corporate, civic and non-profit organizations.

As one of class of 50 leaders for 2011-12, Laurie’s membership in this program provides exposure to an exclusive organization with a mission to develop leadership skills, expose individuals to key issues impacting the region, and enable participants to reach their full potential personally, professionally, and through public service to their communities.

Laurie recently attended the Kick-Off Retreat, a three-day, two-night retreat, where participants were provided an overview of the region and its challenges, insights into their own leadership style, and an opportunity to get to know their fellow Leadership Oakland classmates.  They will also set goals for their year in the Leadership Oakland Cornerstone program.

Laurie commented, "Over time community leaders armed with knowledge, collective creativity and innovation can change the course of our region to a stronger more vibrant future.”

By building a shared understanding and partnership, Cornerstone graduates develop purpose and commitment to the community for the organizations they represent and the communities they live and work in.