The Gift of Education

Convincing a child to go to college might seem about as easy as giving a goldfish a good, close shave. But in reality, you have some leverage you might not know about. It's called an Education Policy Statement and it gives your student some guidelines to follow. In an Education Policy Statement you can:

  • Make the most of your educational gift
  • Let the student know what you, the donor, expects
  • Lay out donor & student responsibilities 

Giving the gift of education can be a productive, beneficial, life-changing experience. A good education can help your student achieve their life dreams and goals. That's why, over the years, many parents and grandparents have asked for help in making sure they clearly spell out their vision of college.  An Education Policy Statement document might not be the silver bullet, but with the right incentives in place to motivate the student along --- well, it's a good start.


In a future blog … How much can you expect to pay for college? We'll give you the tools you need to add it up.