Check Out My New Stand Up Desk!

I recently discovered that using a stand up desk option periodically throughout the day is just what I needed to stay productive and reduce my sitting time during the workday.   Wow, why didn’t I think of this sooner!

Things I like about having a standing desk

  • The option to stand up without disrupting productivity or thought process
  • Increased alertness and focus; especially during longer duration projects
  • More focus on posture and core strength while standing v. sitting
  • The opportunity to burn more calories than sitting – definite plus!
  • Medical research suggests that getting up from your desk chair and standing for a period     of time is beneficial for overall health – another check in the plus column!

Two tips I learned from experience

  • Invest in an anti-fatigue mat to cushion your feet and make standing easier on your body
  • Ask an ergonomics expert to help you get set up correctly

Incorporating a stand up desk option into my office space has been a welcome addition - one which I am sure to enjoy for many years to come!