Heard Around the Thanksgiving Day Table


 Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Thanksgiving day memories make me smile in gratitude for all of the blessings I have in my life.  The tradition of gathering together to share a meal, stories, laughter, love and the good natured rivalry over football games seemingly coming to life out of the TV are all part of the experience. 

Every year when mom says, “Time to eat!” we all know what comes next . . . . . you can see the pride and joy in mom’s eyes when she asks all of us to hold hands around the table so she can take it all in and say out loud how much it means to share the day together. Laurie Renchik 

I am thankful for adoption and marriage!  I’m living my happily ever after with the three loves of my life. Kimberly Wyman

Thanksgiving frames family memories from times gone by and challenges me to make the lasting special memories for my family today.  I think of North Texas Novembers and large family gatherings as I was growing up. There was the annual family picture on my grandmother’s front porch, sneaking a seat at the adult table (always closest to the mashed potatoes), syrupy, delicious pecan pie, and always Dallas Cowboys Football after a big meal.

This year, the Detroit Lions will take priority over the Cowboys.  My scenery has changed from dusty open Texas ranges to a quaint northern Michigan village sharing the day with my husband and our family. I will always be grateful for the special memories that keep me close to family near and far, here and gone, and savor the opportunity to continue to experience priceless moments entwined with a truly American holiday. Melissa Joy

I am thankful for both of my families…my personal family and my Center family.  I cannot imagine being able to do the work that I love or being able to pursue my passion for financial gerontology without the support of both of my families. I am thankful for and truly cherish my relationships with my husband, children and parents, as well as my co-workers and clients.  I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Sandy Adams