The Financial Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

 Spring seems to be the time to get moving and get healthy in preparation for the coming summer months (and the need to sport a bathing suit at the beach!!!).  Many of my co-workers and I are in training mode for various events – 5k runs, Triathlons, you name it.  And it turns out that our healthy behavior could have more benefits to us than just our fit and trim bodies and strong heart rates – we could be developing healthy wallets, as well!

Recent studies by the University of Rutgers in New Jersey have found that physical health and financial health are highly correlated to each other, and to a person’s overall happiness.  It appears that the habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle, like the ability to stay disciplined, make good choices and see the future implications of decisions, lead individuals to have a more positive outlook on life, including their current and future financial success.

Interestingly, these are some of the specific relationships that the Rutgers studies identified between health status or behaviors and finances:

  • Studies show that physical appearance affects a person’s earning ability; smokers typically earn less than non-smokers who do similar work.
  • Healthy people pay lower health insurance premiums now, and typically have lower health care costs throughout their lives.
  • Inactivity has been estimated to cost $670 to $1,125 per person per year due to the impact of obesity on overall health.
  • Eliminating unhealthy habits saves dollars that can be redirected to investments for future goals.  For instance, eliminating a junk food habit could save $3,650 or more annually.

For the chance at a financially successful future, get up, get moving and get healthy!!

Source:  Rutgers University Health Finance and Health Behaviors Studies (

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