Financial Empowerment for Women Today

 How do you keep control and focus in your busy life? For many, the creation of a to-do list and the eventual checking off of items is essential.  Busy multi-taskers (code word for most women) have made lists work for them for generations.  My problem, however, is that I make too many lists and then forget where I put them.  They exist all over – on the back of envelopes, on my smart phone, or zipped securely in a pocket in my purse. 

Whether you have one list or ten, are diligent or more creative with your check list system I think it is fair to say that clearly, to-do lists empower those who partake.  Check!  When I talk with groups of women; either informally with my friends and family or professionally with clients and colleagues, the subject of financial empowerment is a popular topic and many times comes to the top of everyone’s to-do list.  Especially in today’s economy, with new financial realities affecting many families in many different ways.

What does financial empowerment look like for women today?  In my experience there is no single correct answer to this question.   Creating your own financial to-do list is one way to focus your energy and check your progress toward achieving financial empowerment.  Here is a “list” of anecdotal responses, in no particular order, culled from the many conversations I have had with women on this important topic.

What Needs to be on Your Financial To-Do List?

  • My decisions about spending money will be made in a way that honors my values and responsibilities
  • I will learn from my financial mistakes
  • I will understand that taking care of myself financially is just as important as taking care of others
  • I will delegate without abdicating responsibility for managing my money
  • I will set and make progress toward financial goals
  • I will know my value in the marketplace and initiate the compensation conversation

Imagine the satisfaction and confidence you will feel, and the empowerment that will emerge crossing the financial to-dos off your list. 

Want to share your financial to-do list with me?   Send me an email or give me a call! 

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