What is Your Greatest Investment in Life?

 A common perception of the phrase “return on Investment” is what you make on your money.  Contrary to usual thinking, I am not talking about monetary investment.  In this case, I am referring to the people we hire to help us achieve the important goals in our lives.  We may not realize how vital this investment is.  After we invest in ourselves, investing our resources in others is the most important thing we can do.  These investments in various relationships come in many forms.

It might be your doctor, a therapist, a trainer, or even a nutritionist.  What could be more important than investing in these relationships to manage your health?   Health is a quintessential asset of life.  Relationships with people are important investments of time and/or money.  The distinguishing factor about money and time are that they are finite resources for most of us. 

For most, time is even more precious than money, and we can’t take it - we can only spend it!  We never seem to have enough time, to do all the things we want to see and do.  After family, work, exercise, and all of our various commitments, there is very little time left.  Therefore, delegation becomes a tool of utmost importance.  Learning how to leverage our time is vital. Focus on giving up almost everything except those components of your life that you consider the most important and fulfilling.

Try brainstorming a list of the top 50 ways to spend your time that are fulfilling, meaningful, and necessary in your work/life balance.  If financial management did not come up or it lies outside your area of interest, consider hiring a specialist. 

Grasping a clear understanding of life goals and the progress made toward achieving those goals is a good “return on investment.”  Holistic Financial Planning is one way to connect your values with your resources. Your time is valuable.  It’s sacred!  Working together, we are determining the roadmap of your life.   

Charting progress toward goals and objectives on an ongoing basis helps keep time, resources and energy working in tandem, so that the financial management piece of the puzzle integrates seamlessly into your life plan.  You desire a return on your time and money.  Know that all of our energy is focused on this being a positive outcome.  Know that our goal for this relationship is to provide value.  Working with The Center, know that we strive to help clients enjoy richer more fulfilling lives because of our discussions and the stewardship of your finances.

Any information is not a complete summary or statement of all available data necessary for making an investment decision and does not constitute a recommendation.  Any opinions are those of RJFS or Raymond James.