Woodward Dream Cruise Stirs Special Memories for The Center’s Brenda Spencer

 The Woodward Dream Cruise is exciting for Motor City car enthusiasts and sparks a special memory for The Center’s Brenda Spencer. Brenda, describes herself as a long time car enthusiast and reminisced with fond memories about her first car; the Ford Edsel. She couldn’t help smiling when she said, “It was one of my very favorites because it was my first car.” Coming in a close second in the favorite race was Brenda’s red and white 57 Chevy.  

Brenda’s story doesn’t stop here. She says, “the only way cruising down the road in one of my favorite cars got any better was when Elvis tunes were playing on the radio. “ Unless of course she was sitting in a crowd of concert goers listening to The King perform live. Her first experience was at the Motor City’s Olympia Stadium.  She remembers being “way up there” and wanting all of the screaming girls to tone it down so she could here Elvis sing. Later she sat fifth row at the Pontiac Silverdome, and without a need for opera glasses, marveled that the King was “handsome hot stuff”.

Today Brenda loves driving her Ford Escape and feels a special pride keeping her wheels spotlessly clean inside and out.  While the rides have changed over the years Brenda hasn’t lost her enthusiasm for fast clean cars. Brenda concludes, “Most women like shoes and purses (don’t get me wrong I do too) but I love cars as much today as I did when I owned my Edsel.”