Where in the World is Dan Boyce?

 When I’m not spending my week each month in Michigan or travelling to see the “kids” and grandchildren, you can usually find me at our home in Prescott, AZ (pronounced by the locals as “Press’kit” rather than “Press-caht”).  People think of Arizona as unbearably hot in the summer months; but our locale in the Central Highlands of the state (at 5,800’) actually boasts more comfortable summers than Southeast Michigan.

My weeks in Michigan consist of multiple client appointments each day—many of them in tandem with another Center planner.  It results in long days.  Other than keeping fit, I don’t have much time for a life outside work there.  In Prescott, I typically spend 2-3 hours per day keeping up with the financial planning field, talking with the office, reading about industry trends, doing research, etc.  Otherwise, I’m working on several other projects that have unfolded:

  • Working (volunteering) as Coordinator for the Institute for Sustainable Social Change (the “Institute”—see below), which is affiliated with Prescott College
  • Making music—I just finished a year as choir director of the Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation;  in addition, Sue and I rehearse weekly with a high-quality vocal a cappella octet
  • Working on behalf of Prescott College as a Trustee—I can unequivocally state that being Past Chair of the Board is a much cushier position than being the current Chair!
  • Acting as a school board member for a charter school here in Prescott
  • Chairing a task force for the Unitarian Universalist Association which is laying the groundwork for a curriculum focused on creating healthy relationships and attitudes towards our money, using it to and intentionally reflect our values and empower our lives

So I’m keeping myself well occupied.   Many clients ask me about the Institute.   In brief, I am involved in both behind-the-scenes work—the “business” end of running the organization—as well as working on a project to create a culture of civic engagement, community involvement and volunteer service throughout the Prescott College community.  This is a joint venture of the Institute and the Office of Student Life at the college; we just brought on a full-time VISTA member to work on this initiative during the coming year.  Watch for a separate blog coming soon which will describe my work at the Institute in more detail.