Welcome to the Year 2020

 Where will the Center be 8 years from now?   Center team members have spent the past few months creating that view of the future, called the “Center Vision 2020.”

Partner Tim Wyman reflects on his experience:

“For the last 6 months we have been working on The Center’s Vision 2020.  This “all hands on deck” process has allowed all team members to participate in shaping the firm for the next 8 years.  The process has been engaging, exciting, thought provoking, enlightening, challenging and fun (I think that captures it) and will result in enhancing the service that The Center provides.

On a personal level, I am quite proud of the sense of servant leadership and genuine commitment to serving others that our team exudes. Each of us recognizes that our work and lives are enriched by the service we give to clients, each other, our families, business partners, and our communities.”

What does this vision of the year 2020 look like? 

It includes an increased dedication to clients and communities, more technology-enhanced experiences, and greater emphasis on developing the internal talent of Center team members.

Our collective 2020 vision inspires, rallies, and guides our decisions. Day in, day out, The Center lives by Mission, Firm Values and Firm Service Values.  This will not change in 2020!