"I'm Going to Sleep Until I Wake Up"


We’re saying “See you soon!” (never goodbye) to our Bookkeeper/Office Manager Betsey Schrock. She joined our team in 2005 and now, as she prepares to leave before Thanksgiving, she takes a look back at how it all started.

At the age of 55, I was 30 years into ownership of a mental health clinic and my sons were about to leave home for college. I wanted to put them first and find a job with less responsibility, fewer hours, and more flexibility.

As any good client of the Center does, I consulted with my Planner regarding possible options to consider.  My husband and I had been clients of the Center for 12 years already, but I never expected to be offered a job as a part-time receptionist. I jumped at the suggestion!  It was like, I already know the people, I know the “corporate culture,” and the job would meet my needs.  How lucky could I be?

What started out as my part-time, short-term job, turned into a 10-year, second chapter in my career. Over the years, I picked up additional duties, such as accounts payable, receiving and processing client Annual fees, preparing financial statements, and other duties normally performed by an office manager.  I loved every minute of it.

So, I’m retiring (for real this time) just before Thanksgiving. And on my first day of retirement, I’m going to sleep until I wake up—no alarm will be set.  Then I will go to my local YMCA to workout.  But I won’t be on a clock--I will be able to spend a few more minutes with my work-out friends, catching up on family, redecorating, travel plans or whatever else is going on.  And, of course, I will finally get to all those ‘projects’ around the house that have been piling up over the years.

Speaking of travel plans, I will be doing some of that, too.  My husband Larry and I purchased a used Class A motor home this past summer, in anticipation of my retirement.  Larry still works as an Auto Show Manager for Ford Motor Company, but that is very part-time.  We made several trips this past summer but hope to spend even more time exploring the continental US, beginning next spring.

I will definitely miss the challenges I encountered with my work, though I hope to find something in the non-profit world to fill that void.  I will also miss the people; the true team effort that is in place at The Center. I will miss seeing our value of a “Balanced Lifestyle” at work—where there truly is an emphasis on a healthy workplace and a healthy life outside the workplace.

For those of you who are fellow clients of The Center, I hope to see you in the reception area, the halls of The Center, or at an upcoming client event—where we can compare notes about life and how wonderful it is!