Center Office Closed in Observance of Presidents' Day

 Please note: Our offices, along with the financial markets, will be closed Monday, February 18, for the Presidents’ Day holiday. Of course, you can access your account(s) using Raymond James Investor Access at any time, year-round.

We set aside the third Monday in February so that we may reflect on the exploits of not just our first president, but all our nation’s great past leaders. But there are some things that many don’t know about these great men, some things that might cast a new light on their place in history.

So, for this Presidents’ Day holiday, reflect on these interesting facts:

George Washington’s teeth were not wooden. In fact, they were made of much sterner stuff: gold, ivory, a touch of lead and some actual animal teeth.

John Quincy Adams was quite the swimmer, as evidenced by his regular early morning skinny-dips in the Potomac.

Martin Van Buren popularized the phrase “OK” – he was from Kinderhook, N.Y., and got the nickname “Old Kinderhook,” or “O.K.,” which came to mean that everything was alright.

Millard Fillmore married his teacher – she was only two years older than him, but still.

U.S. Grant once got a speeding ticket – for riding his horse too fast through the nation’s capital.

Grover Cleveland married the same girl he had been legal guardian of since she was 11. They married in the White House when she turned 21, but still.

Woodrow Wilson is the only U.S. President with a doctorate degree. He received his Ph.D. in political science and history, naturally, from Johns Hopkins.

Warren G. Harding once lost the entire White House china collection playing poker; whereas Richard Nixon funded his first congressional campaign from his winnings at the poker table.

Jimmy Carter was the first U.S. President to be born in a hospital.