Center Celebration of Service

 Many of you would recognize her voice, even if you didn’t know Brenda Spencer’s face. She’s been greeting our clients with the warmest of receptions since 2006. Most people don’t know that Brenda was actually a client before becoming a member of our staff.  And she is the person responsible for moving the Center to a paperless office. A genuinely happy lady, she is perfect for the job and that’s one of the reasons The Center recently celebrated her exceptional service.

In her 7 years on the job, managing partner Tim Wyman, CFP®, JD said Brenda made the Center a better place for her colleagues and clients with her positive and caring attitude.  “Brenda understood and modeled that providing great service to both internal and external clients is an opportunity, and happens everywhere at the Center.”

Jennie Bauder, Client Service Manager adds, “It was with mixed emotions that the Center team gathered on a recent afternoon to wish Brenda well as she transitioned into retirement. Over lunch and gifts, we celebrated her contributions and her next phase in life.” For Brenda, that next chapter is sure to include traveling and visiting the casinos (we’re positive because we gave her a casino-themed gift basket, including a gift card to stay at one of her favorites). Brenda may like to try her luck at the casinos, but we’re the ones who really hit the jackpot, as Tim Wyman explains, “We are all better for having Brenda here and wish her well in retirement.”