The Center Curtain Call

 The Center's Team enjoys sharing their knowledge with the press to help stories come to life, share facts and bring important topics to the forefront.  We are also honored when we are recognized by media and publications for our work and service to our profession. Here's what's new:

Top 50 Women Owned RIA's in 2013

Marilyn Gunther, CFP® and The Center were named to REP’s Top 50 Women RIAs list for 2013.

Candidates had to meet the following requirements: they directly own at least 25 percent of their firm, and that their firm has no more than 50 percent institutional clients and have some individuals for whom they do financial planning. Also, none operate a broker/dealer or are affiliated with a bank or investment company.

REP.’s Top 50 Women RIAs list was assembled using data from SEC filings and Meridian-IQ (in which Penton Media has a stake). Advisors are ranked by their firm’s total assets under management.

Financial Planning Magazine

Marilyn Gunther, CFP® and Laurie Renchik, CFP®, MBA were quoted in Financial Planning Magazine on April 2, 2013 in an article titled, "Safer Strategies for Leveraged Investing" by Donald J. Korn.

Morningstar Advisor

Melissa Joy, CFP® was quoted in the April 2013 Morningstar Advisor in an article titled, "Risk Preparedness."

Raymond James® AUDIOFILE

Daniel Boyce, CFP® was interviewed for the April 2013 edition of Raymond James® AUDIOFILE titled Multigenerational Planning to Enable Enduring Family Legacies.