Happy Centerversary

 While the Center celebrates 28 years serving our clients, our newest Client Service Associate, Melissa Cyrus, is also celebrating a milestone … her first “Centerversary” with us. 

We are proud to take a moment and recognize Melissa. It was a year ago May 14th that she added her enthusiasm to our team.  Melissa said the momentous occasion sort of snuck up on her, telling us, “It’s been a year already?  Hard to believe … it went by so fast!  I feel very fortunate to be working at such a wonderful place surrounded by such awesome people.  It sure makes the time fly.” 

Guess Melissa just proved the old adage Time flies when you’re having fun. And all that wisdom from someone who has only been around for a year. Just wait to see what she has to say on her 10th Centerversary!