How investor access keeps you in the loop even when you are on the Go

 We, here at the Center, love to use the latest technology and we’re excited to be able to put it at your fingertips.  Many of you know about Investor Access, the free, online portal designed exclusively for Raymond James clients.  It offers a secure platform to view and navigate your Raymond James accounts.  This is a free service and it is quite user friendly and it is now portable.  Raymond James offers an app so you may use this service on the go!  Designed with the busy client in mind, this app incorporates the features you would have on the full website.  Your detailed information can now be accessed through your mobile device and is just as safe and secure.

Obtaining the app is easy.  Just visit Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store, or Window’s Marketplace to sign up.  You will need to be enrolled in the desktop version of Investor Access before adding the application to your mobile device.  Access to the full website can be found on our website under the “Clients” tab.  Need help?  Call us – we would love to help set you up with this technology to make your life easier even when you are on the go.

The app is just one tool in our technology toolbox, enabling us to keep in contact with our clients and each other.  We have the ability to increase our productivity with the help of software programs and databases that allow retrieval of information at a moment’s notice.  We are able to personally communicate with clients via email and through voice over IP services like Skype. Our broad communication is accomplished through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, our company website, and even YouTube.  While these features help make our day a bit easier, it is even more exciting when we have technology that will make your life easier!