Slightly Off-Center: What's playing in your car right now?

 There’s a lot you know about our team at The Center … but we’ve dug up answers to some questions you might have never thought to ask.

What's playing in your car right now?

Talk Radio –Jennifer Hackmann

Taylor Swift “Shake it off” –Jennie Bauder

NPR –Matt Chope

Van Morrison’s “These are the days” –Nancy Sechrist

A little bit of everything!  Anything from rap to pop to country to rock – depends on my mood! –Nick Defenthaler

Sports talk radio if I am alone or pop music if the kids are in the car (I love to sing along and embarrass them). –Sandy Adams

Fortunately my commute is rather short – I usually try to maintain my “man card” by getting up to speed on the sports scene. –Tim Wyman

The new Maroon 5 album (V), or Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off” … it’s so catchy! –Melissa Parkins

Nothing, my car flooded in the parking lot at work; I am looking for a new one. –Amanda Toia