Slightly Off-Center: Best Way to Spend a Saturday?

 There’s a lot you know about our team at The Center … but we’ve dug up answers to some questions you might have never thought to ask.

Best Way to Spend a Saturday?

On the Golf Course!-Angela Palacios

S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G; I repeat S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G –Amanda Toia

Playing tennis in the morning, making good music with friends in the afternoon, going out to a nice place for dinner, concert or show in the evening. –Dan Boyce

Hanging out with family or watching a football game –Gerri Harmer

Outside enjoying sunny weather –Jaclyn Jackson

Laying poolside reading every trash magazine I can lay my hand on! –Jennifer Hackmann

Relaxing with a good book and then dinner out in the evening –Laurie Renchik

Playing sand volleyball with great friends –Matt Chope

Waking up early, cup of coffee in bed while catching up on some reading on my IPad, nice long walk with my wife, Robin and our black lab, Jax, an afternoon playoff hockey game on TV and wrap up with a barbeque with friends and family in the evening –Nick Defenthaler

Best way to spend a Saturday is to travel to Kansas to watch Matt play football or to Albion to watch Jack play baseball or to one of Kacy’s swim meets. –Tim Wyman

It’s finally fall, my favorite season! So the best way to spend a Saturday is with my hubby at the orchard or cider mill, carving pumpkins, or taking the dogs for a long walk and enjoying the fall scents, scenery and weather. –Melissa Parkins