Center Recognized for Living the Balanced Life


From the snacks in our lunchroom to the support of our colleagues, we have a healthy dose of proof that The Center is a fit place to work. The American Heart Association has named us as a Fit-Friendly Worksite for the 7th year running! The credit for the award and recognition goes to Center team members who routinely make health and wellness a priority in their lives.

It all started back in 2007 when Jen Hackmann came up with the idea of a committee focused on health at our Annual Retreat. Firm leaders loved the idea because it dovetails with our firm vision of creating a worksite environment that encourages and fosters healthier and more balanced living. Our current Health & Wellness Committee is comprised of Jennie Bauder, Gerri Harmer, and Kali Hassinger. Our health and wellness efforts continue to reduce stress, facilitate greater well-being and encourage camaraderie.

We spread the fit mentality by bringing in professional speakers, a personal trainer, and a massage therapist. Quarterly luncheons promote team members to share goals and achievements and increase social interaction and support with colleagues. We currently have 2 teams and have friendly competitions to increase our physical activity. Our Center shopper, Angie Palacios, assists us by purchasing healthier snack options that are available in our lunchroom. Our lunch coordinator, Gerri Harmer, helps us choose healthier options for our staff lunches. To keep the energy levels up, and activity levels high we encourage walking, stretch breaks and flex time.

Center team members are encouraged to contribute ideas for promoting a healthier and more supportive environment. We look for ways to reduce stress in the workplace and provide tools for effectively dealing with stressful situations. Our most important asset and tool we have in promoting a culture of health is our staff. Living the balanced life value is vital to maintaining and improving our work environment and our wellness program.