The Center finds balance at Dave & Busters

How do you beat the winter blues? It was a question the Center for Financial Planning Social Committee had been pondering.  We kicked around many ideas but finally decided on Dave and Buster’s.  For those of you not familiar, Dave and Buster’s is a complex where food, drink, gaming, and fun collide.  We could beat the blues while trying to beat one another at some of the best games around. 

On the afternoon of February 6th, we headed to Dave and Buster’s in Livonia.  It was a great afternoon filled with lots of food, drink, and camaraderie.  We found out we are a pretty competitive bunch.  There was a fierce Pac-Man tournament that took place between Tim Wyman, Amada Toia, Kali Hassinger, and Jennie Bauder.  Matt Chope and Melissa Joy found a video-enhanced Soccer Game.  Matt Trujllio stationed himself at a cool skee ball game that paid out lots of tickets while many others spent some time shooting hoops, playing air hockey, and various arcade games.

We decided as a group we would pool the tickets we won and get something for the office.  The number of tickets won totaled somewhere around 19,000 (told you we had fun!). Walking through our office you may spy two large, brightly colored gorillas (stuffed, of course).  They are our happy reminders of the day our office beat the winter blues!