We’re Moving to a New Office July 1st!

 If you have not already heard, the Center is moving closer to you! While our address will look significantly different, we are actually only moving two buildings to the east. You will still use the same entrance off of Telegraph Road that you currently do to get to us. Front of the office park, here we come! We’ll be closer to Telegraph Road so, indeed, closer to everyone!

Moving day is scheduled for July 1st.

Our new address will be 24800 Denso Drive, Suite 300 Southfield, MI 48033

We are really excited and proud of our new office and can’t wait for you to see it for yourself. Melissa Joy, CFP® and Laurie Renchik, CFP®, MBA have taken the lead the last few months on the design of our new space, making sure that it is perfect for both our clients and our team members. We will be increasing our square footage to better serve you, our clients, as well as to provide a productive new environment for our team members. Our new home will have a modern and rejuvenating atmosphere that radiates our Center personality. The conference rooms will be more spacious and include updated furniture, new technologies, and a great third floor view with floor to ceiling windows, giving it loads of natural light. Further into the office, you will find our new Center Café which further promotes our dedication to being a healthy workplace. We envision our team members putting the new break room to good use, both for eating lunch and having quick internal meetings at the large high-top tables or the more private booths. The new office also includes a private quiet area, where our team-members can rejuvenate, read, or brainstorm, providing support for creativity and relaxation. With all our added space, we have more room to hold client meetings as well as future client events. Plan on seeing it for yourself at one of our Open Houses in the coming months.

Other than you needing to remember where we are the next time you come for a visit, our move shouldn’t even be a blip on your service radar. We will be reachable by the office telephone number throughout the moving process. While the movers do the heavy lifting, we will be doing what we do best, serving the needs of our clients without missing a beat. Anyone who has been through a move knows that there is a certain amount of organized chaos, but we are working hard to make the transition absolutely seamless for you. You can keep up with our move progress on our Center Facebook page and Center Website where we’ll be posting the latest updates, announcements, and photos of the new office renovation. See you soon on Denso Drive!