Slightly Off-Center: Craziest thing you have ever done?

Contributed by: Center for Financial Planning, Inc.

There’s a lot you know about our team at The Center … but we’ve dug up answers to some questions you might have never thought to ask.

Sold everything and moved to Germany for 3 years –Angela Palacios

Never thought I would get a tattoo –Jennifer Hackmann

Maybe not craziest – but crazy/fun:   Drove to Jackson, WY from MI with the convertible top down the entire way.  It got scorching hot in the Badlands. –Laurie Renchik

White water rafting –Nancy Sechrist

Skydiving!  I went a few years back with my wife and some friends for my birthday – hands down the coolest experience of my life that I will probably never do again…once was enough for me! –Nick Defenthaler

Zip lining in Mexico – not so crazy, but it was for me! –Sandy Adams

Jumped off a cliff in Jamaica – it was about a 30 foot jump (and the water below was so crystal clear it was hard to believe it was deep enough!) –Melissa Parkins