Happy Centerversary!


Bringing a combined 37 years of experience to The Center, we are grateful for the contributions of Tim Wyman, Matthew Chope and Amanda Toia. While we wanted to give them a little recognition as they reach their Centerversaries, we also wanted to know what the anniversaries meant to them.

Fifteen years ago now Managing Partner Tim Wyman joined our team. He not only brings leadership to The Center, but he keeps our team laughing. When we asked him about hitting the 15 year mark, he called it a wonderful milestone:

Joining The Center in 1999 was clearly the best professional decision I have made. I am very grateful and thankful for what we have collectively built here at The Center for the benefit of clients and the great team that serves them. My work is extremely rewarding and important in my life and it is a true pleasure and privileged to be a member of The Center!  

Center partner Matthew Chope joined Center for Financial Planning, Inc. in 1996. Of his 18 years with The Center he says:

“It’s been like a dream career for the most part. The only thing better than these choices, as I look back, was the staff that found a home here over that time and the clients that gave us an opportunity to serve them.  I feel lucky and privileged each and every day.”

And 4 years ago, Client Service Manager Amanda Toia joined our team. Now that we have her, we can’t imagine how we ever managed without her!

“I work at the greatest firm with the greatest co-workers and clients! I have learned somuch in the last four years.”