Dan Boyce’s Ted Talk: On Becoming a Better Planner & Person

Contributed by: Center for Financial Planning, Inc. The Center

In a matter of 18 minutes packed with self-revelation, Dan Boyce laid out his personal roadmap to success. The Center’s founding partner was picked to deliver one of three “Ted Talks” to thousands in the financial planning industry at the 2015 Raymond James National Conference in Las Vegas. Dan talked, not just about running a successful business, but being successful in life. Both, as it turns out, can be built on the same foundation. That realization, Dan says, was an eye-opener:

“The sheer audacity of this smacked me between the eyes.”

Among his “Ted Talk” key points, Dan emphasized the importance of growing through knowing. True wisdom doesn’t come from raw data, information, knowledge or judgment. To truly be wise, you must seek to understand.

Dan also delivered an inspiring message on being true to yourself. Sandy Adams, who says Dan has been one of her most important mentors, said his message really resonated. “To be a planner is to become a better person and that’s something I strive to do each and every day.”

Other important steps on the path to success include seeking and embracing feedback and developing intellectual curiosity. Both are things Dan said he personally values. Nancy Sechrist, The Center’s Office Manager, said the best thing she heard at the conference was Dan Boyce’s Ted Talk message about how to become your authentic self. “I think that resonates with everything you do career-wise, your home life, family, and just encompasses everything.”