A Day for Competition and a Day for Vision!

Contributed by: Kali Hassinger, CFP® Kali Hassinger

In previous years, The Center has held an annual Retreat at some point in December. This was always an opportunity to review the year, look to the future, and have a little bit of fun, too!  This year, however, we started a new tradition! Instead of one day to cover fun and business, we took two separate days to accomplish two very different goals – Competition and Vision! 

On December 11th, The Center hosted a holiday staff appreciation day at the Detroit Curling Club.  Yes, that kind of Curling.  The Curling that you’ve watched during the Olympics and thought, “Oh my gosh! I could totally do that!” Turns out, it isn’t that easy. Although it may look totally doable, Curling actually requires a lot of accuracy and finesse!  I have a whole new respect for Curling athletes (in addition to the respect for their incredible sense of style – I highly recommend a quick google image search for “Curling Olympic Uniforms”).

The office broke up into four teams and everyone dressed up to show their Curling spirit.  As usual (and as you may have guessed), it got pretty competitive!  There was plenty of friendly fire on the ice, but Amanda Toia was named the Curling MVP with an incredible game winning shot!  The day was set aside for fun and bonding, and it was great way to close the year.

In January, however, we used our energy for the New Year to focus on the days ahead.  “Vision” was the buzzword of the day as we brainstormed ways to improve personally and professionally. We don’t believe in complacency at The Center and we are always working toward new goals. It was a time to assess our current strategies and decide on how to improve upon them. 

A large part of the day focused on reviewing the firm’s Vision 2020 that was developed by the office in 2012. This Vision 2020 functions as an ideal guide on how the office would develop and improve by the year 2020.  As we reviewed the document, however, it became clear that The Center has already accomplished many of the goals set forth in the Vision 2020. Of course there are still matters that we are working on and ways to further improve, but it was great to see the vast amount of progress that has been made in just a few years. 

Although it was a luxury to take two days away from the office, both days proved themselves to be unique, worthwhile, and effective.  We absolutely want to thank our clients for their patience and understanding while the office was closed. Please know that we used this time to refocus and rejuvenate, but mostly to become a better firm for our clients!  

Kali Hassinger is a Registered Client Service Associate at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.