Another One Passes the Test!

Kali Hassinger, now CFP®, passed the test and is officially a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER PROFESSIONAL™. After starting in the Client Services department for her first few years here and committing to her role fully, Kali decided to dive deeper into the world of financial planning. She spent the year diligently studying and has now entered the ranks of the planners. The Center is extremely proud of her accomplishments and we are thrilled to add the coveted CFP® to her title.

We asked Kali a few questions to better get a sense of her experience with the exam:

Where were you when you heard the good news? The test gives you feedback automatically now, so I was at the test center!  I called my mom first because I think she was actually more nervous than I was. Got to love moms!

How did you celebrate your accomplishment? I took the test right before Thanksgiving, so I used that long weekend as a chance to relax and have fun (without the guilt of knowing I should be studying).

What part of the test did you feel most confident in? I felt most confident in the Retirement Planning category.  A lot of the tested items are things that we talk about every day at work!

What was your favorite study aid?  I followed the study calendar provided during my review class exactly as recommended, and it worked to my benefit!

Kali will continue working as a Client Service Associate to our lead planners as she begins to take on more associate financial planner duties. Next time you’re in the office, feel free to say “Hi!” to the newest CFP® at CFP!