Finding The Center

Contributed by: Emily Lucido Emily Lucido

Looking for a new job is not the greatest thing in the world. Let’s not sugar coat it. It’s hard and it can be exhausting at times. Whether searching for a new job because of location, personal growth, or current discontent, it can be hard to find something “better” or even just a good fit for you.

So I wanted to share my Center Story. Instead of painstakingly searching for a specific job I wanted, I took the approach of looking for a good company. Because, let’s be honest, most of your happiness at work can sometimes just be about the company you are working for instead of the job itself.

As I started my research within the financial services industry, The Center stood out to me immediately. I liked that it was a smaller financial firm, and you can sense its cool vibe, great culture, and core values as soon as you step through the doors. It struck me as exactly the kind of place where a recent finance grad, like me, could really spread my wings.

The Center was recognized in Crain’s 2014 Cool Places to Work Award Program (fun fact: our Director of Client Services, Lauren Adams, found The Center after reading the Crain’s article too!), and I have to say, the award does not lie.

After being here for about two months, this is somewhere where you just feel at home. When your company takes care of you, you want to do a good job every day, and that is exactly how I feel here.

The Center strives for growth, which is something extremely important to me. I have learned so much in the past two months about the financial planning process and have stretched myself to do and learn more. Being a part of The Center doesn’t just mean doing your job; it means being involved with each other, engaged with our internal committees (like Health & Wellness), and committed to community services through our company sponsored volunteer programs. Everyone has equal value, and you respect everyone for the amount of work and time they’ve put into their jobs, which makes you want to do a good job as well.

And good work doesn’t go unnoticed! I remember vividly during my first weeks when I received a compliment from Tim Wyman, Partner and Branch Manager, about one of my first client phone calls. Being new and just getting started, it was refreshing to receive that kind of support especially from someone higher up in the company.  It meant a lot to me and motivated me to do even better for our clients.

So if you need advice and are looking for a new job or career, my two cents are to look at the company first. Look at its values and goals, see if it recognizes employees, and make sure you will be treated fairly. Happily, this is something I don’t have to worry about now that I work here, at The Center.

Emily Lucido is a Client Service Associate at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.®

Any opinions are those of Emily Lucido and Lauren Adams and not necessarily those of Raymond James.