The Team behind the Team

Contributed by: Clare Lilek Clare Lilek

Have you ever wondered how our website always looks so organized or how our graphics are so cohesive? What about how we have so many professional videos with succinct content and consistent messaging? How about how creative our digital and social media is? All the while providing top financial service to our many clients! Well that doesn’t happen by accident; it occurs due to hard work, planning, and an array of talented professionals. We have a Creative Team that supports our Center Team every step of the way: Laura Garfield and Sharon Golutta of Idea Decanter, and Kimberly Wyman, our brand agent + graphic designer.

Idea Decanter provides a sounding board for new and intriguing ways to get pressing financial information, upcoming deadlines, and the daily activities of The Center out to our clients. The Center is a family and we want our clients to stay informed so they feel a part of the family, too. Creating fun videos, sharing pictures, and starting social media campaigns helps us do just that. In addition to Idea Decanter’s role, Kimberly Wyman coordinates and curates our brand aesthetics, website and all the fun graphics you see throughout social media, our monthly newsletter, CenterView, and reminders via social media. Together they help us cultivate and maintain our brand, communication tactics, and creative sanity!

Why utilize a Creative Team? Like all good plans, The Center must have its own personal strategy for our growing business, communicating with clients, and providing an overall engaging experience for our current and potential clients. Having a Creative Team whose time is dedicated to crafting our particular Center brand, breathes new life into our business and our company culture. We believe in the importance of digital communication and the transformative power of creativity. If we can get our message across in a manner that not only enlightens but engages our clients, then we have done our job. The Center staff focuses on making sure our clients can live their plan, and our Creative Team helps make sure The Center stays on mark with their own plan, while staying current with the changing times. 

Just like we are your supporting team, accomplishing financial tasks to make your life easier, our Creative Teams keeps The Center on track with branding and digital communication. This allows The Center Team to better focus on our clients financially, all while providing an engaging and cohesive experience for them digitally. We thank our Creative Team that allows us to better showcase the work we do and get helpful information to keep our clients informed and entertained.  

Clare Lilek is a Challenge Detroit Fellow / Client Service Associate at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.

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