Raymond James Women’s Symposium Recap


It is no surprise that women represent more than 50% of American population.  What may surprise you is the number of female financial advisors in the US:  less than 16%.  The goal of the 23rd Annual Raymond James Women’s Symposium was to connect female financial advisors with each other, to share successes, learn from each other, and inspire women who are considering a career as a financial planner.   From our office: Melissa Joy, CFP®, Laurie Renchik, CFP®, Kali Hassinger, CFP® and Jeanette LoPiccolo, CRPC® attended the 3 day conference in Tampa, FL.  

The Symposium presented a number of great speakers who shared their stories and discussed how the critical decisions in their lives paved the way to their later successes.  The Center’s own Melissa Joy, CFP®, lead an inspiring conversation with Dr. Lissa Young, Associate Professor, West Point on the subject of “Being your Authentic Self”.  Dr. Young reminded the audience to embrace and encourage each other to be their genuine selves.

Jeanette LoPiccolo, CRPC® is a Client Service Manager at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.®

Dr. Lissa Young is not affiliated with Raymond James.