Gerri Harmer Nominated for Outstanding Branch Professional Award

Contributed by: Lauren Adams, CFA®, MBA Lauren Adams

The Center is thrilled to announce that Gerri Harmer was a nominee for the 2017 Raymond James Financial Services Outstanding Branch Professional Award! This award is designed to recognize support professionals who have been affiliated with Raymond James for at least one year who contribute to the success of their advisors and teams.

We are blessed to have a whole team of exceptional professionals at The Center, and Gerri’s leadership by example is a major contributor to our Service First mentality. In the words of Partner Tim Wyman, “Service is in her DNA – it is who she is.”

Chances are, if you’ve ever visited our offices or called in to The Center, you’ve had a chance to experience Gerri’s friendliness and helpfulness firsthand. Gerri’s personal mantra is to “Make people’s lives better.” She sets a goal for herself and the firm to make our clients feel like family on the phone and when they walk in the door. Gerri’s genuine love of people is evident to everyone that has the privilege to be around her.

Partner Melissa Joy comments about Gerri, “She embodies our firm’s culture of strong work ethic, compassionate and effective leadership, and commitment to financial planning.”

Gerri is also the leading force behind The Center’s Health and Wellness initiative since 2007. This committee regularly sponsors awareness events—such as lunch and learns on the importance of sleep or brings in meditation facilitators—and has allowed us to be recognized at various local and national levels (such as the Governor’s Fitness Award and the American Heart Association’s Fit-Friendly Award).The Health and Wellness committee has become a major contributor to what we believe is a very strong culture here at The Center. Through Gerri’s leadership, our team has grown and become much more connected through a variety of methods.

Many of you comment about what a joy Gerri is and how lucky we are to have her – we couldn’t agree more. Furthermore, she recognizes service excellence in other staff members and is a pro at publicly celebrating others’ successes to help motivate the team to continue to WOW our clients and share effective service techniques amongst ourselves. Gerri sets an incredibly high bar for the rest of our team to aim for in terms of Service First attitude and team dedication.

Please join us in congratulating Gerri on her nomination!

Lauren Adams, CFA®, MBA is Director of Client Services at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.®