Webinar in Review: 2019 Medicare Open Enrollment: Selecting the coverage that works for you

Kali Hassinger Contributed by: Kali Hassinger, CFP®

A significant part of the retirement planning process includes making the transition from an individual or group health insurance plan to Medicare. The choices are numerous and are driven by many factors – from your personal health, your choice of doctors, financial considerations and even your zip code. Join us for an upcoming webinar with James Edge of Health Plan One, a Raymond James partner and Medicare consultant, to learn the basics of how Medicare coverage works and what you need to consider before selecting coverage.

See the time stamps below to listen to the topics you’re most interested in:

  • 1:30: Understanding what HPOne is

  • 2:00: Medicare Coverage Options

  • 11:45: Medicare Part A— Hospital Insurance

  • 11:50: Medicare Part B— High Income Premium Surcharge

  • 14:15: Medicare Part D— Prescription Drug Coverage

  • 16:30: Medicare Part D—The Donut Hole

  • 21:15: Original Medicare—Coverage Gaps

  • 22:15: Medigap—Standardized Benefits but Varying Costs

  • 27:30: Closing the Coverage Gaps—Medicare Advantage

  • 28:00: Part C— Medicare Advantage

  • 30:15: Enrollment Periods

  • 36:00: Enrollment Penalties

  • 40:20: Core Capabilities of HP One

Kali Hassinger, CFP® is an Associate Financial Planner at Center for Financial Planning, Inc.®