Just Kickin’ It

Raya Chope Contributed by: Raya Chope


The Center is dedicated to living and encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle. So this year, we decided to take it to the next level and join a kickball league offered through an organization called, Stay & Play Social Club (SPSC). The season started out a little rough for our team. We lost a few games in a row, but that certainly didn’t discourage The Center spirit (we just had to warm up first). Once the team started to get a feel for the tips and tricks of the game, we eventually became one to beat. I suppose the saying is true: with all great failures, come great success. With that being said, we lost in the championship game, but ended up coming in third place! We can all agree that this was one of the most fun, team-building opportunities we have participated in.

If you’re interested, SPSC provides various sports leagues and tournaments for adults (21+) as a way to stay active, engaged and involved, all while having a great time doing so. Once a year, they present ‘Kicks for Kids’, a one-day, adult, charity Kickball Tournament that raises money to support healthy environments for children to stay active, and build valuable social and emotional skills through play.

As for team Just Kickin’ It, we will be back for the championship win next year!

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