Webinar in Review: What Donors Want

Jaclyn Jackson Contributed by: Jaclyn Jackson

If your nonprofit hopes to develop meaningful relationships with donors, this webinar recording is for you. Learn what donors want to know before working with charities, how to make it easier for donors to support your work, and why endowments are important for meeting your organization’s goals.

If you missed the webinar, here’s a recording:

Check out the time stamps below to listen to the topics you’re most interested in:

0:00 Intro and Agenda

What Donors Want to Know:

  • 2:30 Grant Review Feedback

  • 09:20 Financial Review Feedback

Make it Easier for Individual Donors to Support Your Work:

  • 15:00 Donor Advised Funds

  • 17:00 Qualified Charitable Distributions

Meeting Your Organizations Goals:

  • 19:00 Endowments

  • 22:00 Working with Financial Advisors