The Center's First Full-Time Employee

After more than 24 years of service as The Center's operations manager, Corinne Parker will retire on March 31. At a recent celebration, two Center founding partners recalled how Corinne came to The Center and enumerated her many contributions over the years.

Dan Boyce stated, "Not long after The Center's founding in 1985, the financial planners began to get tired of answering the phones, doing our own mailings and typing, making coffee, etc. So we decided to jointly hire someone -- who turned out to be Corinne.

"Corinne quickly became the face of The Center -- first, to clients, of course. She was professional, unfailingly courteous, gracious, and hard-working. Clients soon came to realize how strong and effective an advocate she was. Corinne has done just about every task imaginable here, and has done each one well." 

Marilyn Gunther noted, "How fortunate we were to have Corinne as our first full-time employee. Corinne's professionalism, work ethic and warm demeanor have defined our Center values and set a tone for all who have come to work at The Center.

She has been, for many years, the go-to person, quick to add humor and always there to help. Corinne's spirit has been contagious and has made The Center a great place to work. Her dedication to the staff and clients will become part of our history."

Corinne and husband Dale will be starting a new chapter in their lives. Our memories will be cherished, but the stories of new ventures will be anxiously awaited!