Around the Water Cooler at The Center

 We find ourselves in the middle of summer again and more than half way through the year.  Here at The Center, this is the time of year when we are digging into the most intense research and doing some very “deep thinking”. A heavy dose of conferences and speakers in the spring gave us much food for thought, and now we find ourselves at a time in the year where the schedule seems a bit lighter, no doubt due to our clients out enjoying their well-deserved summer vacations. So, while you may be thinking about relaxing, here’s what we’re thinking about at The Center:

  • Around the world, government intervention has caused interest rates to fall due to slowing growth in China and Euro Crisis. Can they go even lower?
  • A surprising slowdown in overall US debt growth has been occurring under our noses. No, the US federal debt load keeps growing, but there has been measurable deleveraging on the state and household levels.

  • The Affordable Care Act was largely upheld by the Supreme Court last month having implications for Americans and their investment and tax strategy in all walks of life.

  • Scandalous headlines are resurfacing at big banks, most recently JP Morgan and Barclays

This is more than water cooler talk for us, we are busy working these landmark changes into our strategies for the future. To find out more about what’s catching our attention, check out our Quarterly Investment Commentary.