Jennie Bauder Attends Branch Professionals Opportunities Conference

 When Jennie Bauder got the invitation, it was an "opportunity" she couldn't pass up.  Jennie is one of our Client Service Managers and was among 100 select Raymond James professionals who received an invitation to participate in the Opportunities Conference.  The two-day program, held in St. Petersburg, Florida, focused on daily operations for client service professionals and recent technology enhancements.

The Opportunities Conference gave Jennie a broader perspective on Raymond James.  "This was my first visit to the Raymond James Headquarters in St. Petersburg.  It was a great experience and wonderful to meet so many of the faces at Raymond James."

Conference organizers did due diligence while planning the conference.  Conference leaders gathered information from all attendees in advance to design the conference so participants had a change to align with other professionals who shared key interests.  "We shared numerous best practices within our group, and also tackled some common challenges," Jennie explained.  And after two full days packed with new information, Jennie was happy to come back and share what's up and coming with her peers in Southfield, Michigan.