Happy Centerversary


Melissa, Sandy and Jaclyn hit new milestones . . . . .

Join with as we celebrate three Centerversaries in the month of August.   Sandy Adams, lead planner is celebrating 17 years with The Center.  Sandy says,  "The anniversary reminds me of how lucky I am to have found The Center.  I feel like I have grown up and matured as a persona nd as a professional with the help of the Center team and clients."

Melissa Joy, Director of Investments at The Center has been a part of our team for 14 years. Melissa describes her tenure here by telling us, "The Center is so much more than a place of employment for me.  It's been a home for the last 14 years and I'm grateful for everyone I've been able to work with over those years. Here's to the next 14!"

And though she might seem like a relative newbie compared to Sandy and Melissa, our own Investment Research Associate Jaclyn Jackson hit the 5-year mark in August.  We like to honor Center employees when they reach a “Centerversary” because we value experience and commitment (and quite frankly, we just like having Melissa, Sandy and Jaclyn around)!