Kick-starting the School Year

 If you are a parent, you no doubt remember that first day sending your child to kindergarten.  If you were like me, you were as nervous as they were (or maybe more). Would they like it?  Would they fit in?  Would the school call and say come get your child?  Well, on August 7th my wife Jen and I sent one of the kids off to school. This time it was our oldest Matt.   Matt will be a sophomore at the University of Kansas.  Matt, a soccer player in high school, made the KU football team as a place kicker.  So while his studies will not start for a few weeks - he is off to football camp.  The initial depth chart has him as one of three competing for the starting place kicker job and we couldn’t be more proud.  And, much like Matt's first day of kindergarten, we're a bit nervous to boot!  While he may or may not ever get a chance to kick in front of 60,000 screaming fans - he has several fans at home wishing him and the Jayhawks well and good luck.