Eldercare: Roadmap for Aging Parents encourages Team Approach

 From financial strain to the emotional effects, there are many layers to the issues a family faces as a parent ages. At a recent Center-sponsored event, Eldercare: A Roadmap for Aging Parents, our expert on eldercare issues Sandra D. Adams, CFP® teamed up with Peter Lichtenberg, Director for Wayne State University’s Institute Of Gerontology program and Becky Eizen of Feinberg Consulting.

Eldercare Topics of Conflict

When it comes to the most common “topics of conflict” between aging parents and their caregiving adult children, Lichtenberg recommends developing new and more positive communication strategies. One such strategy includes:

1. Learning your older adult’s story

2. Expressing your views and feelings to them

3. Problem-solving together

When a parent and adult child take a team approach with open lines of communication, the important decisions that come with eldercare can be much easier to make.

Caregivers Finding Balance 

Caregivers often get lost in the mix and finding time to take care of your own needs can be difficult. There are emotional, physical, and financial effects of being a caregiver and Becky Eizen says you need to know when it’s time to ask for help. That includes knowing how to ask for help, finding the right resources, considering your options, and putting together the right team. It’s important to look at short- and long-term needs and identify different housing options, such as living at home vs. assisted living facilities. Eizen says one question that can be overlooked is: Do you qualify for VA benefits?

Eldercare Resources for You

The Center has a list of resources that available from both speakers.  If you would like more information, call or email Gerri at Gerri.Harmer@Centerfinplan.com. We have a wealth of information on the subject and would love to share it with you. Contact Sandy if you want to know how we can help you build your eldercare team.

Any opinions are those of Sandy Adams and not necessarily those of RJFS or Raymond James. The opinions and services of Peter Lichtenberg, Becky Eizen, WSU Institute of Gerontology, and Feinberg Consulting are independent of Raymond James. C14-018035