The Best $115 I’ve Spent This Year

Contributed by: Nick Defenthaler, CFP® Nick Defenthaler

As some of you may have seen on past blog or social media posts, my wife Robin and I are expecting our first child in August.  Since we found out the amazing news in December, we have both been beyond excited to become parents and meet our bundle of joy.  A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to have a 4D ultrasound. I have to say it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced!  For us guys, it can be tough to fully appreciate what’s really happening when the woman you love is carrying your child.  We aren’t going through the physical changes and it’s sometimes hard for us to even fathom that we’re going to be a dad in a few short months. 

When my wife suggested we have a 4D ultrasound completed, I was all about it.  I’ve seen those incredible pictures and videos from people I know.  As cool as I thought they were, nothing could have prepared me for the amazement I felt when Robin and I could clearly see our little man’s face for the first time.  Sure, we had an ultrasound when we found out the baby’s gender, but the clarity, as most know, was very poor and muffled.  For about 20 minutes, the ultra sound tech was able to show us multiple angles of our son and she got some incredible pictures and video.  Needless to say, I lost the battle of fighting off the tears.  When we left, I had a completely different mindset and feeling.  The struggle of actually feeling like this was “real” dissipated and I felt like a father immediately. 

As time progresses and his due date gets closer and closer I’ve come to realize how much of a miracle having a child truly is.  The journey we have been on the past 7 months has forever changed my life and I can’t imagine the joy I’ll feel when he arrives.  If you or anyone you love and care about are expecting, I would highly recommend the 4D ultrasound, especially for the guys out there.  Although not covered by insurance, it was hands down the best $115 I’ve spent this year. 

The next few months will be very exciting and Robin and I are so ready to meet our son.  Stay tuned for Baby Defenthaler’s arrival and debut as the newest Center team member!

Nick Defenthaler, CFP® is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ at Center for Financial Planning, Inc. Nick is a member of The Center’s financial planning department and also works closely with Center clients. In addition, Nick is a frequent contributor to the firm’s blogs.